Your small to medium sized business has unique needs. Still River Software has the skill and experience to create customized web application solutions to address those needs.

Work with us. We’ll listen to your business goals, and collaborate
with you to produce a high-quality software solution tailored to
help you achieve them.

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    Web Application Development

    We use state-of-the art techniques to construct your customized web solution. Our expertise runs deep with the Ruby on Rails framework. We can help you create the application your company needs, in less time than with other web frameworks.

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    Rails Rescue Projects

    When you have a project that's not going according to plan, we are here to help. Have a project not providing the value intended? Talk to us.

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    Best Practice and Software Design Consulting

    We can help get your project get off-the-ground, whether you need help choosing an application platform or need guidance for design of your application, our years of expertise can help.

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  • Need more customers? Customerify has you covered.

    Be able to track visitors to your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application or website. Know how people are using your site (anonymously), get notified when a user signs up for your trial, creates a paid account or virtually anything you want to know about. Keep in contact with your customers with email marketing or drip campaigns.

    You can track as much or as little about your visitors and eventual customers using Customerify.

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